The Ocean Jasper

Since 1997, rare stone researchers have been looking for it, as it had been reported in an important mineralogical encyclopedia. Finally, in 2000 it was found only at one point on the northwest coast of Madagascar, where for its extraction it is essential that the tide be low and for this reason it has been known as "oceanic". It is a magnificent stone, with great powers. Jasper, to which it belongs, is an opaque variety of Quartz, much appreciated for its unique colors.

It is composed of a mixture of iron oxide and sandy and rock waste, which makes each piece really unique. The colors are vibrant and when forming concentric scratches it is a stone especially good for meditation. For this reason, it is known as the Stone of Creative Inspiration for its energetic quality of enhancing personal talent faculties to put into practice creative, original and fun ideas and thoughts.

In ancient Egypt, jasper was used as a sacred beetle-shaped amulet; in the Middle Ages it was the "stone of the warriors" (a talisman engraved with an army that crushes a snake). It helps to be strong and combative, pursue the objectives until the end, neutralize the negative thoughts. Promotes oxygenation and blood circulation and the assimilation of iron, gives energy and physical and mental strength to therapists.

The Ocean Jasper helps to solve conflicts, it is a relaxing stone and of change and rebirth because it helps to dissipate the energy blockages.

When it comes to old emotional wounds, the healing properties of the oceanic Jasper crystal are excellent for relieving the sorrows of the past, which is why it is also widely used in Crystal Therapy.

In Volcanic Jewelry we have several designs with this precious gem and being so particular we have combined it especially with steel, so that it is preserved forever in perfect condition

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