The powerful Kyanite

The Mighty Kyanite is one of the most important stones of power today for its ability to integrate the light of the upper Chakras (especially throat and eyebrows) within the mind and create new understandings that allow the light of the soul to express itself clearly in the mind and manifest this light in the physical realm. Kyanite is one of the minerals that does not need to be cleaned, it will not accumulate or retain any negative energy or vibration.

The energy of the Kyanite is unlimited as applications, it has a very high frequency, it is one of the most important stones to connect with the sources and dimensions, which are fundamental for the induction of meditation. The Kyanite aligns all the chakras immediately automatically just by passing it through the line of chakras but it is necessary to do it with caution in a balanced way or they will be aligned too abruptly.

Above all, this process must be carried out with a trained facilitator. Kyanite is sensitive to both heat and shock, so the use of steam and ultrasonic cleaning products should be avoided and the mounts should be protective. Legend has it that in a northern region of Europe, a natural catastrophe occurred: A great storm that overflowed the largest seas on the continent, causing the destruction of mines rich in quartz and sapphire.

This caused the destruction of these minerals, the sea salts combined with sapphires and quartz, making them their white and colorless stripes carried in the center and this is how this new and beautiful mineral called "Kyanite" was procreated today. " Kyanite is used as an alternative method of healing in some diseases, ailments or discomforts that have to do with muscle. At the same time, it also largely serves to treat thyroid, gland, throat, and brain problems.

Regarding the application of Kyanite in the psychological field, it can be said that it can be used to balance the energies, in this case ying-yang. Kyanite is an excellent mineral for meditation, it is calming and amplifying energies, kyanite encourages telling the truth, overcoming fears and blockages, undoing confusion and dissipating blockages, anger, frustration and stress.

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