The Rainbow Quartz

It is also known for mystic quartz, it is a very recent gemstone, since it was not seen in jewelry designs until the late nineties.

Some quartz, because they are very cracked, when exposed to light produce a slight litmus effect. It is an effect that usually occurs in transparent, or very fractured, quartz, although some smoky and citrine quartz can also present it. However, most of the rainbow quartz offered is artificial, bone that has required the intervention of man to give these stones their characteristic shine.

How will Rainbow Quartz be created?

Pieces of colorless quartz are taken and subjected to a high-tech process, in which a thin film of titanium is deposited on the glass. Titanium adheres at the molecular level with the most superficial layers of quartz and gives it the characteristic iridescent color of rainbow quartz.

It is a permanent finish and the kaleidoscopic effect of rainbow quartz will not lose its spectacular color, as long as the stone does not receive a blow and breaks or peel, in that case it will return to the transparency of its original color.

Light decomposes in all the colors of the rainbow when it penetrates the surface of the mystic quartz. Titanium coverage makes colors shine incredibly.


It is a light-carrying crystal, with a high vibration, the fractures of this quartz activate consciousness, it is an inspiring crystal, because it facilitates the activation of a spiritual purpose, the rainbow colors display makes it a dynamic of the chakras .

The monks and the people who own this rock or gem, use it in a spiritual way, giving it use to free their being through meditation and thus have inner peace with themselves and have their chakras balanced throughout their body, it is also said that It has healing properties that remove hate and maintains a harmony within our unmistakable being in a balanced way.

It also has properties with high vibrations that make the light-carrying crystal that makes awareness and inspiration active. Quartz and its varied flashes of light awakens the chakra of joy and well-being in the person who owns it or the place where it is placed.

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